| FTBL Would you still hate UT if Foolmer were gone?

If Foolmer was gone would you still hate the Vols?

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Need another category! I don't really care for ut, especially alot of ut fans so its so very hard to ever pull for them, but I do in their non-conference games for the GOOD of the SEC, but man orange is just such a queer color!

phulmer man I can't stand him! He is eatin my share of doughnuts!

I will be glad when phulmer is gone! It will be nice for them to have some class, maybe!

I mean the thugs they have at ut rival miami in their hey day!


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BamaDelta said:
Hate is such a strong word. I think the only reason we have such a bitter rivalry is Fulmer and the six straight record setting wins against us. Or at least thats my take. I just remember going to the Hooters in Austin Texas to watch Gene Stallings and the 7-0 Tide in 96' beat the crap out of em. I was with a Vol fan and that made it worse. Then the next year came, the next, the next, and so on......And of all people to snap the streak, Fran phony. So I think All of this has just stirred it up to epic proportions lately. And I to REALLY DISLIKE the Tennessee program and Fulmer's whinning ass. Lets hope Shula and company was keeping it vanilla today so that Tennessee wouldn't see everything we have. We have lost the element of surprise and we have lost TP. But we have a good D and Brodie. 6 more days.

No, the reason most Bama fans hate him is because he got us on probation. He lied, cheated, kissed up and secretly gathered info. on us. Then like a little kid he went tattling to Mommy. He can't deal with his program but is more than happy to spend all kinds of time bringing another one (ours) down.

No disrespect intended to your post. just my two cents. :)

He didn't get us on probation. He did all the rest of that. A rich meddler in Memphis and a head coach with his head up his ass got us on probation.


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dblackmon said:
Over the years I have learned to hate the color orange, Foolmer, and Rocky Top. I can't stand their program and anything associated with it. Foolmer manipulates the NCAA and makes the SEC look bad with the off-field troubles that loom around Knoxville. I see Tennessee as more of a hate rivalry than I do AU.( I would love to see UcheaT go under the same sanctions we were under. It might open their eyes a little bit and teach them respect, because no matter what has happened in the past ten years, Bama is sstill on the top in just about every category in the SEC.)
That would be great but I dont think UcheaT would ever recover like we have. I used to live in TN and it was said that they were the team of the decade in the 90's. Well if memory serves me right they had 2 SEC championships and 1 national championship. Wasn't that exactly what we had and spent some time on sanctions? Not very dominant if you ask me.


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I dont hate ut, just a strong dislike for them. I will be pulling for them against notre dame, now that is a team I hate.


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Tydegrrl said:
Since you didn't put loathe to the core of my being or I would rather be an Auburn/Texas A&M/Vandy fan as choices I went with Always Have, Always Will... :D





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Teams I hate:

Tennessee: Stupid fans, ugly unis, phat phil

Texas A&M: fran, stupid fans from Texas

Auburn: My wife is a barner, I tell her I want them to win every game but the Iron Bowl to keep the peace, but secretly, I love to see them lose.

Michigan: stupid fans from Michigan, If you lived in Middle Tennessee, you'd know why.
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