| FTBL Would the @SEC be in its current position of power had Nick Saban never came along at @AlabamaFTBL?


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I would imagine the SEC to be WAY more balanced with the sharing of more National Championships. That being said, you wonder if the SEC gets into the arms race as far as paying and hiring high profile coaches like they have. Does Kirby get to Georgia? Does Jimbo get to Texas A&M? Does Mullen get to Mississippi State and then Florida? Does Florida keep Urban Meyer longer? Does Tennessee not go through however many coaches? Does Alabama get back? The SEC was doing fine before Saban as far as winning Natty's, but it wouldn't be so one sided. Saban has beat down a number of programs that haven't found their way back and just can't get over the hump, mainly in the West. There are so many moving parts to this question it's tough to lay it out here.

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