| BSB/SB 🏆 🥎 Women's College World Series: Alabama Softball’s Season Ends with 8-5 Loss to Florida State


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Murph is our Bobby Cox...said it a while back. He’s good but he’s not great, tough game on your pitcher, you’re done, don’t have the offensive fire power to overcome that and IMO he puts all his emphasis on the pitching and no power hitters on the offense recruiting. one good hitter ain’t gonna do it it. If Coach Saban had that mindset about defense and hadn’t adapted and changed with the game on offense he would not be the GOAT and us as fans would be wanting to shit can him. Makes it easier for good opposing coaches to spank that ass when all they have to worry about is one or 2 players. You realize all of this when a girl batting .230 jacks a 3 run home run off one of the best pitchers in the country in the first inning. You end up with one championship I’m 25 years. Bobby Cox also had 1 in 28 years.
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