FTBL What was the best team Alabama ever played?


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1971 Nebraska team with Heisman winner Johnny Rogers was a wrecking crew. I was so heartbroken that year when Bama was in the first year of the wishbone and was undefeated. They beat us like a stepchild. I remember watching the slugfest that was referred to as the game of the century between the sooners and huskers. It lived up to it with undefeated Oklahoma who had Greg Pruitt and Jack Mildred. I suppose if the sooners had won that nailbiter they would have done the same to us. 2 great teams really.

But for pure talent, some of John McKay's USC teams were off the chart.
Cant disagree with 1971 Nebraska....
@TUSKtimes hit it all.....was a night orange bowl...Oklahoma had taken care of AU that afternoon...
I was just married and Ms50+ ...who was Ms3/4 of a year...at that time...
Couldn’t believe people sat around and watched football all new years day...
....a lesson learned...
But...they waxed us......


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1978 USC was the first that came to my mind. I was 10 and they broke my little heart that day

Those early 70's games I had to learn about in retrospect


Im a young buck...so i would say in recent years maybe the 2012 LSU team/game. Wasnt that the team we had to play twice?


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Im a young buck...so i would say in recent years maybe the 2012 LSU team/game. Wasnt that the team we had to play twice?

we played them in 2011 at BDS in the regular season. then we played them again in january 2012 for the national championship in nola.

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The 71 Nebraska team gets my vote.
We had been kicking tail that year, with the new wishbone offense, and got to the orange bowl (if I remember correctly) and they beat the brakes off of us. 38-6. It was a rude awakening to say the least. Johnny Rogers went on to win the Heisman trophy. So Cal was an extremely good team in 1970 when they came to Birmingham and beat us 42-21, which was part of the reason that the Bear installed the wishbone during the next off-season, but that '71 Nebraska team was something else.


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Yes the "71 Nebraska team was something! I punk right after that game outside! Bama also had some battle with USCw when Coach McKay and Robinson was the coaching them. That 1978 game, I was in Germany out in the field listing to the game on the radio, Thank goodness for AFR! Trying to be quiet when you are in a GP Tent with 30 our guys and I'm the only Bama fan in the bunch!

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