| FTBL What is the best rivalry in College Football?šŸ¤£šŸ˜­


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The best...objective or subjective ....today or yesterday year
Probably Army-Navy....would probably get more votes nationally...


I remember Keith Jackson being asked that question...
He said....
"The third Saturday in October"


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No rivalry game matches the Iron Bowl in my opinion. Itā€™s truly one of the very few rivalries where the records can be thrown out, where the wins and losses in the rivalry game are close and where professional gamblers fear to tread. Itā€™s also the only rivalry where the fans go at each other 24/7 X 52 + 1 or 2.


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I am not a huge believer in "the best" but there are many ovah at my house

Bama vs Barn
Army vs Navy
Bama vs 10RC
OSU vs Go Blue
USC vs UCLA (before the left coast gave up football)

UT vs A&M....loved watching that back in the late 50's early 60's with Lindsey Nelson having the call
I know we all are blinded by our "crimson glasses"
I remember reading an article when i lived out west....and had Oregonian ( Portland OR newspaper)
One writer editorized n article saying "nothing can match the Arizona-ASU rivalry for intensity"...
Your list is pretty solid

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