FTBL What are the odds we get

Tua in a row? Sorry, couldn't resist.

We seem to have a good group back next year, so who do you see as our biggest threat next season?


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Anyone with info/idea on what happened to Allen this year? Memory serves, he was getting PT early after injuries ahead of Moses and then poof, gone. Do Allen & Moses play same position? Think I heard a while back that he was 'lost' so maybe he just wasn't mentally ready. I'm sure he played special teams (?) with size/speed but can't say I remember seeing him there either. Sure hope B. Davis turn corner, I would have lost a bunch of money on bet on who contributes first/most between he and Mack. I've heard some mention R. Davis as next Payne, but a 6'7" nose?? DL is behind DB as team biggest question. (Then punter) IMO.


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Damn!! I knew Raekwon had blossomed but 3rd in total tackles!!!! Shit!!!!
Buggs returning is HUGE for our front as he really came on in the back half of the season. Those 2 anchoring the front with Ray, Williams, Mathis, and with Mack, Lewis, Miller, Moses and the rest of our young LB talent, goodness!! Sprinkle in our signees and some Top 100 kid from last year, Jarez Parks that took a greyshirt, we will be stout!!!!!