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i don't understand the close line on NIU-Buffalo. NIU at 5-1 is atop the MAC West which is by far the tougher division in the MAC. Buffalo at 2-4 is 4th in the East and the only reason they are not last is because Akron and Bowling Green are in that division. HFA for Buffalo? Forget it. Buffalo is 1-3 at home in the conference with the one being a one point win over Ohio which is third in the East at 3-4. To me, NIU at -1.5 is like Bama being -1.5 at South Carolina. Odds maker would have to be using barner math to come up with that.

Edit: LOL. Vi Consensus just went to -1 on NIU. Now that's real money talking and not barner math. Perhaps this is 2010 Bama at SC.
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I'm not playing this thing but I have liked watching you guys talk about the games. I'll have to get in this next year.

Who is leading this game anyway? Or, I guess, who has the most money right now?
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