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@252BAMA what do you have in props?
Far cry from the $300-400K I had last year. I counted 82 wagers totaling $106K. 65 of them were $1100. Only one in 5 figures was $10K on Minnesota Over 7. Guess that will be a loss. Still can't believe they lost to Bowling Green. BOWLING GREEN! The 3-8 Bowling Green in the MAC. The #130 of 130 in Phil Steele's Preseason Power Poll!
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Far cry from the $300-400K I had last year.
Looking a little more deeply the handle this year is about half of that. Without the calculator, 195-200K.

The ACC props are an interesting look: numbers wise I think UNC is the biggest "bad beat." They were O/U 10 (I'm thinking end with seven wins) while Clemson was at O/U 11Ā½ (look to end with nine wins.)


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The Kan.St vs Texas game when is it? Because the sport book has it closing at 1pm on Nov 27. But I seen it listed on Friday Nov 26 at 12:00.


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Only flaw in your reasoning is that I bet around $300 k or so on OSU šŸ˜‚. Should have not gotten so greedy
Understand but UM still has Harbaugh on their sideline. It should be stronger than your bad voodoo :).

BTW I do believe a UM win would likely be better for Bama and BY's chances for heisman but just do not believe it until I see it.
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