PRE-GAME THREAD ***Way too early Bama/Chokelahoma pregame Thread***

It’ll be difficult with the speed and shiftiness of their QB. He can definitely make it difficult to get them off the field on 3rd down.

Other than that, I was not very impressed with what I saw with them vs Tx.


Ready to put Tejas in the rear view, hello Montana
The hype around here is going to be crazy I'm sure. I loathe most Oklahoma fans.


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Hoping we can spy Kyler and work on covering those damn intermediate drag routes that I warned about with Georgia that they killed us on. Oklahoma is a deep threat home run type of team, so if we can keep guys in front of us, I think we have a solid chance at beating Oklahoma.


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The best defense is keeping their offense on the sidelines. Run, run, run. Ball control and time of possession should suck the life out of the sooners defense early and often. It's also the best thing for Tua coming off an ankle injury.
^^^this^^^this!!! Hope we don't see Tua for the rest of the year. Year, not season.

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