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@XXL TideFan, :ROFLMAO: Seriously, you're holding taking a picture of your tablet, on which you're trying to access the site, to post a picture of the problem you're having ... while you're on the site ... attaching it.

Now. That's a little šŸ¤“ 'ish ... but. I can't say anything.


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@footballer, I may be wrong here. I suspect when you were moved into the "Century Club" usergroup it logged you out of the site. Upon your return, it directed you to the extra verification's.


The two step verification is just another stop-gap on the front end for new registrations. Spam is a very limited issue here with the current traps in placeā€”another doesn't hurt.

Sorry for any inconveniences.
No worries, I try not to sweat the small stuff. Just informing.


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@TerryP, I'm a tinkerer and extremely curious.
Which pretty much defines a lot of what I do on this site: tinkering.
So what are these clubs? I donā€™t understand what they signify? Why am I extra point club. Does that give me more limited access or something?
Yes, it's groups set up for permission based access degrees ... for lack of a better way of saying that.

IE: A newly registered member, if they are able to get through the spammer filtering process, still has another hoop to jump through to post a link on the forum. That's saving me time.

The ability to upload videos directly to the site here is going to be limited to those who have been around awhile. It's a safety measure again...just not willing to let those reigns completely go without a little background knowledge on people.

The same access control attachment sizes, number of attachments ... geez, could go on and on here. It's to the point with this new platform I'm beginning to divide what some can do and what some can't do...just takes a bit of time to walk through on the back end.

Just as a quick example ...

Registered member status runs from 0-99 posts...software runs an update to Sideline Club and access opens up a little more...it's patterned off of the Tide Pride list, with a few journalistic freedoms