| PRO Update: Tua completes NFL checkup with independent Dr and results "were overwhelmingly positive"


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Jan 29, 2017
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Funny...watched him vsbama live at BD....
He reminded me of Peyton.....first thing I thought when i watched him live....
Smart...great vision....good mechanics... actually unbelievable vision...quick thinker...
Didn’t panic in tough situations...
Not a PM fan....but ...is what it is....
But to any PM fan out there....joe has a NC...and Peyton only can crow about beating Bamaand leading the band in another Rocky Top...
And joe never went around exposing himself to female trainers...and having daddy bail him out......


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Sep 5, 2006
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Former Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa caught the attention of the football world Monday evening when four videos of him dropping back and throwing passes for the first time shared publicly since November hip surgery were posted to his Instagram account.

Chris Cabott, who partners with Leigh Steinberg in representing Tagovailoa, said Tuesday the response from NFL teams has been “overwhelmingly" positive.

“He’s moving really, really well,” Cabott told AL.com. "He’s really turned the corner. ... To this point, we don’t have any medical concerns. Obviously in any given situation, it’s a day-by-day situation, but his road to return has not been interrupted.”

With Tagovailoa’s planned April 9 individual pro day scrapped because of NFL and SEC restrictions aimed at slowing the coronavirus outbreak, finding a way for NFL teams to see Tagovailoa go through football drills has been one problem to solve for his agents.

As of Tuesday, Tagovailoa’s representation had not yet scheduled a live-streamed or taped version of his individual pro day but they plan on working with individual teams to further their on-field evaluations of him beyond the videos posted to social media.

The other part of the equation is working around NFL cancellations of Tagovailoa’s planned visits to team facilities and medical re-checks that would have normally taken place before the start of the draft April 23, which remains unchanged.

Cabott emphasized Tuesday that Tagovailoa will continue to undergo imaging scans locally in Birmingham or Nashville, where he is training with former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer, and those will be provided electronically to NFL team doctors upon their requests.

“We’ve had to adjust, readjust, schedule and reschedule a number of times,” Cabott said. “Throughout that process, what it’s really boiled down to now is getting teams what they need.”

Prior to the restrictions brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, teams planned on viewing Tagovailoa’s hip both during visits to their practice facilities and during the NFL combine re-check week in Indianapolis shortly before the draft. Those were scheduled follow-ups to the extensive look teams received of Tagovailoa’s recovery during February’s NFL combine.

“Tua went through the combine and did all the medicals there and did out with glowing results, so everyone felt pretty good about that,” Cabott explained. "[Now] it’s just more of getting the recheck scans into their hands and then answering any questions. Obviously we’ve directed folks to [Alabama team orthopedist] Dr. [Lyle] Cain and everyone else who has worked on Tua.

“Whatever we’ve been thrown, we’ve adjusted and readjusted and everybody has been able to stay on pace.”

Tagovailoa was slated to visit several NFL teams before the draft. Now his agents are arranging virtual meetings with teams using FaceTime, WebEx and Zoom platforms.

“That’s been a pretty seamless operation, as far as getting folks to work together that way,” Cabott said. “It’s really worked out pretty well.”

Should government restrictions tighten to the point of a national shutdown, Cabott said his agency has created a contingency plan for Tagovailoa’s draft prep.

“It’s been a process and a lot of work from a logistical, operational standpoint,” Cabott said of the changes brought about by the pandemic. “But I feel very good about where we’re at as far as [draft prospects] being evaluated.

"I really salute the NFL at the league level and the team level at making sure no matter what we’ve been thrown, that we’ve all worked together with making sure things can be fulfilled.”
Jul 28, 2015
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The quickness of #13's footwork was really impressive. Hope it all works out for he and his family.

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