| FTBL Tua forgoes last year of eligibility- entering the 2020 draft.

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How many think he need to stay?

I’ve felt for awhile this JR class was/is close and wants to win a NC as the starters. I think he stays along with a lot of the other JRs.

Now, with the lure of the NFL, it can change minds easily. It sure must be a tough choice for these kids.

Regardless, it’s a special group of kids and I’m so happy we have had the honor to cheer them on for at least 3 years.


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Just my opinion fellas. The presser he held to update his hip. That was unique. And this tweet. When are the rest of the juniors announcing, is he with them or going it solo? Wasn’t being critical or anything, but I’ve never noticed him shy away from a camera. Again just my opinion.


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I see all these reports
"Don't @ me." If there was anything I'd recommend for Tua it's to close his tweets with this especially if the decision is announced on Twitter.

"...all these reports." If I have one suggestion this week it's ignore those. While we live in an era where honesty and integrity haven't been forever removed from sports reporting we are going to see a number of commentators making the story about them instead of Tua. I fully expect to see, literally, national and local reporters "losing it" on his decision if they decide he's staying.

Perhaps this is a bit of a stretch ... but I can't escape the thought.

We see so many push for compensation for these kids for use of their likeness, et. al. A case of players being able to make a little money off of who they are, right? But, when they make a decision based on who they are and just so happens to not fit with what they (media) think they should? I've come away with the impression from some, like Pete Fiutak, that he's taking this personally.


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but I’ve never noticed him shy away from a camera.
Curious. When you think about a player that has shied away from the camera who comes to mind?

He’s leaving. My opinion. TT likes the cameras and attention. I think he’s known he was going well before today.
And another "curiosity" question.

Your opinion. Fair enough. You think. Again, fair enough. The elephant in the room is your opinion is based upon...?

A suggestion that "he's known he was going" does fly directly in the face of who he is and how he's carried himself. It's my view that to question Tua when he's said he didn't know is questioning his own credibility. I can find no basis for such doubt.

And just as a side note ...

It's important to remember when Tua is before the camera's isn't not by his choice. It's because that's his role. It's one that requires a request (media to SI department,) and one that requires a "yes or no" from Saban himself.

If we were to do the math on appearances I guess there's a good chance Tua has been interviewed more than AJ, or Greg, during their time at Alabama. However, isn't that due to what his role and impact has been on the Bama offense? While he's not the face of the program, he certainly has been the face of the players.


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Sure hope he and a bunch come back....but....I won’t ever have anything but great memories if they dont...... same as for Jalen.....
It was so much fun to go to the games and watch ....probably for an old timer who has sat in the stands for games over the last 60+ years....as good as it has ever been....ever....watching Namath, Stabler, AJ, etc....Tua and this bunch...what a ride..


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I'm still trying to figure out why everyone assumes decision means announcement.
The decision has been made, Matt.

The only question I have is what happens with Xavier. A few days ago I was on the "50/50" train. Today I'm thinking he's gone. The only thing we don't know at this point is if the talks with Dylan have had any impact.

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