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He has all the makings of a good QB. we let him have too much time and were unable to cover on the back-end. Is Trevor Lawrence really that good? or is he just Cardale Jones 2.0? I'm starting to wonder if he's just a product of a system, none of the throws he made against us were into tight windows or hard reads. If the window was tight or the read wasn't the first read, he constantly missed the target. I think our lack of coverage guys with maturity cost us this year more so than anything, also inability to establish clear pressure. We ran such terrible vanilla defense against them, and they easily took advantage of it, which any good team should do. Anyways, I'm interested to see what everyone thinks, is he really that good or just a product of a few good games and will regress next year? Why wasn't he a heisman candidate this year if he was so good?


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Uhhh, Lawrence is good. I don’t think you are giving him enough credit. Not sure how you can compare him to Cardale. I mean, Lawrence has twice as many touchdown passes as a freshman than Cardale had total for his collegiate career.

He made great reads. Got the ball out quickly when he needed to and Gave his playmakers a chance when he had to do that.


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He’s a very good QB. Threw 2 INTs their last 11 games after taking over full time. That’s with 400 attempts. He has a rocket arm and can chuck it. He’ll be a Heisman finalist next year, mark my word. Could easily win it. And with ETN running like he does, it helps him that much more. He sure kept the ball away from our guys well. Wasn’t really close.
I believe the whole Clemson team had a “Stephen Garcia” night against us. But saying that, he is a true freshman and I believe he’s really that good.

I agree. Clemson could do no wrong and played an A++ game. We could do nothing right and had a C- game, at best.
Not taking anything away from Clemson. They spanked our ass good.

I too, think that Lawrence is that good. I also agree he will be a Heisman finalist sooner, rather than later.

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