| FTBL To'o To'o Two? (Henry T announces he's returning for 2022.)


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Would be nice to have the continuity back. I am sure this will not happen but would be nice to have Harris back also. Hope both have the games of their lives tonight.


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Would be absolutely amazing if he did.

Probably needs to in efforts of polishing his resume a little with some pass coverage, but would be very happy to have the leadership and see what he can do with an actual full off-season under his belt in our system.
To me, I think he really needs to work on stopping the run closer to the line of scrimmage as opposed to five or more yards downfield. He could do that by 1) diagnosing plays more quickly and not filling the wrong hole as often 2) by shedding blocks much more quickly and 3) by hitting the backs in the holes with much more force while locking up. It’s not the new size of lb’s that’s stopping him as some have said since he’s roughly the same size of Georgia’s Nakobe Dean or Mike Jones at LSU (or Kwon Alexander while he was at LSU) or Jalen Pitre at Baylor or Chazz Surratt while at NC or any of a half dozen or more NFL lb’s. Hopefully, one more year in the system will allow him to develop more physically … after all he spent his first two years with the vile’s … and hopefully that extra year will allow him to diagnose plays more quickly.


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Meh... I've never been blown away by him. He needs to get better at a lot of things & I can't think for a minute that his draft analysis had him as as first rounder. Another year should do him a lot of good.
Agree he needs another year. I think he mainly needs physical growth as much as anything. I saw him get swallowed up at times when taking on blocks and he would start running around them.


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