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I think he is talking about a level playing field so those who work harder or it matters most to will rise to the top. So if Vandy doesn't have the tradition and fan support that is on them. With the way things are going it could come down to who has the most money (looking at you Texas A&M).

People always trying to look for shortcuts that avoid the hard work.


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The thing is, he wasn't talking about parity in winning vs. losing. Everyone wants to win. If they tell you any different, they're lying.

They know exactly what type of parity he was talking about. However, they need to generate clicks so they come up with some (half-)witty remark to make themselves seem smarter than they actually are.

Also, parity doesn't equate to winning or losing. If 2 teams get the exact same types of players, then get the exact same schedule, which one is the better team? If they play each other, and one team blows the other one off the field, is there parity? Absolutely. Parity has NOTHING to do with coaching strength(s) and knowledge of the game.

Coach Saban as an absolute master at the game and knows how to get the best performance out of each player on his team(s). He treats them as individuals, but also, collectively, as a team. He knows which buttons to push and how hard to push them to get a particular player to be his best. If he didn't, he'd be another mediocre coach bouncing around from job to job and having 8-4 and 7-5 seasons, year in and year out. And while those may seem like decent records, in this conference, and especially in this state and at this school, that won't cut it. To demand perfection is not a bad thing. And it doesn't go against "parity".

So let those bottom feeders have their fun with their (half-)witty remarks and let their idiotic followers laugh at their dumb-ass jokes and half-ass attempts at being smart. We know the truth.

And so does Coach Saban!

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