| FOOD They want 250k for the pub, Tim.

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I got the video, but I was heading to Macon to see Dwight Yoakum last night. Drug back into the office from Macon this morning. Heck of a show, and the old city auditorium is a treat of an old venue.

The file compression on texts always murders the video quality. Are you selling or buying the place?


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The file compression on texts always murders the video quality. Are you selling or buying the place?
While it's a little tempting if I'm getting back into that business it'll be a private club. They've pitched me as well as two friends of mine in an attempt to get at least two of us to bite. No one wants the hassle even though that place is "makin' coin."

We have been looking, fairly seriously, at this place...if I get back into the hospitality game it's going to be more food centric (like the blue plate/taco place you mentioned the other day.)

This place closed during the pandemic for a few reasons...the guy's wife is sick, he's a dick, and literally had his staff walk out on him. His response was "eff it, I'll close."

Small bar that seats about 10...roughly 75-80 for capacity dining.



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Gaming machines in the place?
Interesting you asked. I was there three days ago and noticed they'd put one back in (a little smaller than a PACman machine.) By "back in" they'd been running the games but only on tablets and that just didn't work. No one wanted to hand a card, or cash, over to the bartender everytime they wanted to play...a lot easier (guilt free?) to feed a machine over in the corner. I don't know...never found the "passion" for playing those games like others.

I suspect the decision to put the machine back in is related to the health of ownership...won't be around much longer and that's one of the reasons they're trying to unload the pub. Honestly, even without that the risk/reward isn't a great as some might think. A couple of hundred in fines / slap on the wrist IF they catch the machine running.

The machines are just greed...seeing easy money and taking it. They're doing well as it is but "miss" having that extra $1000-1500 every morning.
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