| MBB/WBB "The three-point line and analytics have ruined how the game of basketball used to be played!"


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I will say one thing about modern day basketball in my opinion, it sucks. Excellent college basketball during that time frame, teamwork passing the ball, pick and roll, posting big men to dominate a game, rebounding was a must even for point guards. At the pro level, Im sorry the modern day basketball NBA is boring at best, there will never be rivalries at excitement even in my south alabama younger days that rivaled the Lakers/Celtics explosion in the 80s, you had my favorite player and greatest of all time in my opinion and to this day I believe to be the hardest working, most intelligent on the court, with the greatest heart and passion (who quite basketball and went to work for the city in French Lick picking up garbage) I have ever seen in Larry Bird accompanied by the greatest post player I ever saw play in Keven McHale hands down, vs the heart and passion and talent and athletic ability of the LA Lakers in Magic/Worthy/Kareem/Cooper, not even given the fact you had the Sixers/Pistons who were as gifted and heart working as LA or Celtics, I mean the modern day basketball game is full of entititled selfish, heartless players that seek only their fame and not their team and passion and to much is ballyhooed about 3 pointers and who can make the highlight reel on the dunks. I would take the Lakers/Celtics team of the 80's in their primes vs any and I mean ANY NBA team in the is modern era and skull drag them...you have the right to disagree but from what I see it wouldnt even be a contest
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