| FTBL The Story of Alabama Crimson Tide 2020-21(HD) - YouTube video that runs over an hour.


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Doubled, and still a 'dime.' Geez.

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That right there cannot be defended much better than it was. With the receivers we had and the QB accuracy it was just unstoppable. Never seen an offense with that type of precision and efficiency. When they had the ball most possessions were going to end in some type of a score. The other teams knew it so that put pressure on them to stay up which they could not do.


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Took me like six hours to finish it. Love it! I always considered Najee kind of a boring runner, outside of the hurdles, but this season he just turned it to another level. This video really shows how he was not boring, change direction, kept them legs pumping, and just became a tough runner. I enjoyed this video very much. Can never beat Bittersweet Symphony when capturing a great moment.