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JMO, but if BAMA doesn't fix its defensive play on the field it will have a detrimental effect on recruiting. Jawja is putting a vastly better product on the field and kids are gravitating towards them. If we lose to jawja in the SECCG I believe Saban makes several coaching changes.


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Hearing we don't have room for Ricks. Would need @TerryP to explain if there is truth there
I'm not sure how many corners they are taking: it'll be two committed (assuming Bama lands Jackson.)

What's going to be confusing in this years class is the number they'll allow a team to over-sign based on those hitting the portal. Teams will be able to replace those that leave but how that'll work out with transfers versus initials is something I'll have to read more about.


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Gabriel put his name in the portal about 20 minutes ago.

Important to note here: Lebby recruited and coached him when he was there. I'd watch Ole Miss here...they'd get a good QB to replace Corral.
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