| PRO The NHL has taken team introductions to another level. From Vegas ...


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That is wicked awesome!!


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I've always liked going to a live hockey game, always something going on fan wise , but I haven't been to one since the Thrashers were in Atlanta. Use to go to the original B'ham Bulls/South Stars game pretty regular back in the day... 25¢ beer and hotdawg nights were great. On my to do list is a Havocs game and a Trash Pandas game in Huntsville. You know Vegas won't spare any expense... that right there is (y) (y) (y)


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I'm not sure how they did this one for the Panthers. What would you do with an elephant?
It was CGI shown on the video screens in the stadium. They scanned a copy of the stadium into the game engine like they do for Madden/NCAA Football game (Unreal Engine is a gaming engine) and used that to make the Panther move around the stadium properly in the CGI. Then it was a matter of just running it in such a way that the render cameras matched up with the on field cameras (and some of it was pre-recorded so that was even easier). Once you have it, you can use it any time with a different banner each game if you want. Real-time CGI like this is getting easier and easier.

Would not be hard to do similar for Bryant-Denny but I am not sure it is worth the cost. If they did, maybe have an Elephant run out in front of the team when they come out of the tunnel and run over whatever mascot they are playing against.
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