| RECRUIT the NCAA’s recruiting dead period was extended through Sept. 30 this week


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Dec 9, 2008
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Completely expected but just to hit on briefly – the NCAA’s recruiting dead period was extended through Sept. 30 this week, so there will be no visits to any programs nationwide.

As alluded to above, it certainly feels that any optimism of seeing the dead period lifted any time soon is no longer there.

On Tuesday, I wrote about the impact a canceled season has with game day visits in Ohio Stadium being officially wiped out.

As you can see from just that small set of anecdotes from our story on Tuesday, game days are a crucial part of their recruiting strategy, right up there with building genuine relationships and putting players into the NFL. Those latter two factors are easily the biggest for Ohio State recruits – they want to get developed into multimillionaire pros, and they want a coach they trust to get them there – but game days don’t lag too far behind.

But still … even if there were visits allowed in some capacity, it would help Ohio State’s recruiting pitch. Of course, the opposite argument could be made that if the dead period is lifted and those recruiting rivals mentioned above are playing in the fall, that it would hurt Ohio State in recruiting.

Probably a moot point, anyway, as I still don’t see the dead period being lifted this fall.


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