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I sum them up as extremes, because that's what you put out there as comments. Tom Weiskopt an all-time great? Fowler will match him, easily, watch. Fowler is 29 years old, easily has 15 years left. I guess Danny Willett is top drawer in your book because he had it mentally together at Augusta once. I'm just not buying what you're selling. Fowler will win multiple majors. How old was Phil when he broke through? He was 34, and one of the most accomplished amateur golfers ever, with big time PGA success. Guess my standard is simply different than what yours are.

I'm discussing the mental toughness that shapes the game each week as much as their talent with a club and that many of the top golfers demonstrate, to various degrees each week. You are, somehow, discussing all-time greats or it doesn't matter. Weiskopf was a fiery dude on the course, no backup with Tom. They didn't call him the "Towering Inferno" for nothing. That's all, just a successful golfer who demonstrated a tough mental approach to golf, his way.

Now, back to my original point: That's what I see in Patrick Reed, a mentally tough fighter. I believe that's why he won. It was McIlroy who felt the need as a competitor to verbally lay down the gauntlet for Sunday's final group. It was McIlroy that melted away, staring at 3 to 5-foot putts he couldn't execute all day. Soon, he was not only blocking his putts, he was blocking his driver. Who got into who's head that day? That round put me in mind of another guy called Rory that decided to call out Tiger, Rory Sabbatini. Same results. And no @BamaFan334 I'm not interested in where Rory or Patrick's lifetime rankings are.

Yeah, I kind of took the conversation in a different direction, so my apologies on that one.

I will leave it that I don't think the mental game against the players is where a guy wins or loses. Tiger was intimidating because Tiger won so much. Patrick Reed is not intimidating a guy like Rory. He has not near the resume or skill set of a guy like Rory, so he's not in Rory's head. is a guy not entitled to simply be off? You'd most likely take offense if we played and I dogged you for missing two five foot putts. It happens, that's why golf is tough when nothing is on the line. Golf is a game where inconsistency isn't coming from what another player is putting into your head, it's simply whether or not you can recreate the magic with each and every swing, hence why so many different players win, and not just one dominates all of the time. The ones that did dominate, were what I consider the all-time greats. We'll see if Reed can psyche out everyone going forward. If not, a career in Basketball is over.


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He definitely ranks up there and that's why I put him in that second list with a few others. His run in the amateurs (I was in Jr. High and playing A LOT of golf back then so I'm guessing '79 - '82 area) of six wins within a calendar year...not many on the tour, at any time, that can touch that year.
I could probably name a top 20, but not sure I could go much deeper than that.
You could. You've not tried. I'll give it a shot for a few minutes before I have to leave...first few mentioned already. *

  1. Jones*
  2. Nelson*
  3. Palmer*
  4. Tiger*
  5. Phil*
  6. Irwin
  7. Trevino
  8. Player
  9. Floyd
  10. Love III
  11. Hogan
  12. Singh
  13. Miller
  14. Jack
  15. Hagen
  16. Crenshaw
  17. Norman
  18. Kite
  19. Price
  20. Armour
  21. Watson
  22. Picard
  23. Saranzen
  24. Els
  25. O'Meara
  26. Furyk
  27. Green
  28. Strange
  29. MiddleKoff (sp? may be "c"off.)
  30. Snead
  31. Now I'm stumped...
There's some with fewer wins than these who are probably all timers as well.

Couples, as mentioned.

Rannulph Junuh. :devil:


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Blends right into a Wimbledon match. Probably a lot harder to just tote the trophy around. I understand they have to turn the green jacket in at the next masters. Still his, but he only wears it when he's on the master's grounds. As far as I know only Gary Player didn't bring his back and still hangs in his closet.



I do my own stunts but never intentionally.
This commentor guy wreaks of jealousy and attention seeking behavior.
Maybe he's just got a bad sense of humor and he's replaying a worn-out joke? Or, more likely, he just doesn't know the tradition of the jacket and The Masters. (Although it sure seems like he should considering he hails from ATL.)

Sergio was at Wimbledon last year wearing his and Spieth was seen at a few NBA games in his as I recall.

I'd have recognized him with or without the jacket.


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I sure didn't know as much about this Reed kid as I have read about since the Master's win. From his family situation to his golf clubs not having a sponsor. He definitely sounds like someone who is going to stubbornly insist on doing things his way. I'm thinking maybe, just maybe, he keeps the green jacket and tells those stuffy bigwigs residing in Augusta to come and get it. All necessary ingredients if you're building the professional anti-hero.