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Bad:. Our lines on both sides got man handled for the most part. We let a backup quarterback look like Brett Favre. Our secondary was pathetic. Dropped passes. Overthrown and under thrown passes.
Ugly: our game plan going in. Tackling. Blocking. Coverage.

After taking time to reflect.....we had a bad night. Yeah we lost, but we still have a path to get into the playoffs. No other team even comes close to our success since Nick has arrived. Our tradition is second to none. A small occasional bump in the road is nothing when you compare our team to every other team out there.
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All of it was bad!!!
Defense was really bad. Golding needs to go
Offensive play calling was bad AND
Execution was bad. We should fall out of the top ten for this debacle!
Golding should be left on the tarmac!!!

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Good: Brian Robinson and Jameson Williams.

Bad: Way too many mistakes. Dumb penalties, bad turnovers, ineffective blitzing, blown assignments galore, etc. And I try to go to great lentghs to not knock on players, but when effort is an issue, I think they become a bit of fair game. So with that out of the way, Billingsley played like a Canadian penny. I don't think he will enjoy film review and the dude is really hurting his potential future earnings right now.

Ugly: The offensive play calling inside the 5 and the giving up the KO return for a TD (if Saban told them to sky kick as it appeared from the kick, but I only saw a piece of the replay not the entire kickoff so that may be wrong).


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Good - Brian Robinson and Jameson Williams. Poor Brian didn't get the respect he deserves from the coaches when they throw three times from the three. Busch league by Saban and O'Brien not to let him have his moment after being the most stable offensive asset we had. Williams is our only wide receiver threat. Metchie is good, but has not taken the next step and just doesn't seem to want to be there in my mind. Jameson, we are lucky to have him.

Ugly Part 1 - Pete Golding and the defense. Just absolutely terrible all around. Yet another instance of the defense lacking. There is no excuse anyone can make.

Ugly Part 2 - The secondary. They did not make a play all night. Hellams was on his butt when he made the interception, so not even a play on the ball. They sucked to be nice about it. Branch was awful, Jobe and Armor-Davis are both underperforming, and Battle is just there.

Ugly Part 3 - The offensive play calling was terrible in the redzone. You almost wonder if a fix was in, because even after a goal line interception we still tried throwing it on the goal line when A&M showed they were worn down. With a seven point lead we still try to throw it. Billingsly was worthless tonight.

Brandon Van de Graaff

A defensive deity, inventor of the Concussion.
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Bad - Can’t make fun of Clemson anymore for losing to unranked teams.

I'm sorta glad the unraked thing is over now. I mean, I want to win, but we made it to 100 in a row which is awesome (stopping at 99 would have bugged me), and we lost to a quality team (even though unranked). Not a North Texas or some shit. Also glad the, Saban has never lost to an assistant narrative is put to bed. Would rather it have been Jimbo that whacked the Saban piñata to the ground than most of the other active coaches on the list.


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Good- Team had over 500 yards of offense
Bad- turnovers and giving up the kick return for a TD
Ugly- taking the lead and after D playing lights out for most of the 2nd half they gave up 10 points to lose. Offense not doing anything when they got the ball back also ranks up there in the ugly category. Oh and it has already been mentioned but how do you not run one time when it is 1st and goal at the 4? Insane...


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Good: Composure of offense to make it a game. Bryce actually ran the ball instead of forcing a bad throw. Being off for the next 3 days.
Bad: Drops. A lot of things to work on but the drops actually cost us the game.
Ugly: Chris Owens at right tackle (please put him on the bench and give Kight, Brown or George and opportunity.)
- DJ Dale at NT. He is the weakest player on the defensive line. Please put him on the bench.
- Not rotating the young players. Team full of 4 and 5 star players and most ride the bench.
- DB's. Our coverage is horrible. Do we teach turning your head and locating the ball? I could catch some passes against this defense.
- Defensive Scheme. Do we ever play Zone on obvious passing downs?
- Blitzing all night! Did we even record a sack? Yet, we blitzed and got burned all night long!
- Penalties.
- Thinking we could/would compete with Georgia.
- Bad performance in front of over a 100 recruits.
- The muscadines I bought today.


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First off - Hats off to the Aggies... For real. They made plays on offense, and the QB turned into Tom Brady tonight... They were impressive. It's not always about what you do as the other guys are on scholarship to... As a few of us mentioned before the game, they have enough talent to be dangerous, and they were.

-J Williams and B Robinson were beasts. Both of them carried a heavy load on O and competed at a super high level.
-Reichard was really darn good. Kicking it out of bounds was a really unfortunate blemish on what was otherwise an awesome night for him.
-Before that last TD catch, Branch played a really good game. He was really the only guy that stood out for good reasons before that play
-Big time blocked punt for a TD. Really gave the good guys a chance when things were not going well

-Obviously the OL had a really rough night. I think the issues on the right edge fully came to fruition tonight unfortunately. But it wasn't just that, there appeared to be a bigger issue in game planning and communication with blitz pickups. The 1st half was a disaster for them.
-Pass rush. That was really, really disappointing. It's not like Calzada was a running threat... Just never really got close to making him uncomfortable, and cannot remember a sack? I think we finally saw the cumulative effect of Allen & Sanders being out, and Anderson being hurt. Was Braswell injured also? It was Turner all night, basically in the first real action of his career.
-LB play is less than expected. Whether it's the pass, run, or even more so the blitz. One of those guys in particular is extremely ineffective on the blitz. Moody getting a chance to play might be a nice change for that group... But we'll see.
-WR/TE drops. The fellas could have given Bryce a little bit more help tonight... Some plays left on the field for sure
-DB penalties. It was literally the only way TAMU was going to score in the 2nd half. Those guys just continued to pull/grab & not see the ball.

-The 3 passes on 1st and goal was criminal. TAMU defense was gassed. That was so disappointing
-The run game scheme in general is lacking any type of diversity and creativity. It was literally shogun left or shotgun right. Really surprised there isn't more in the playbook in a game like this. And even despite that, BRob ran for over 6 YPC. The only under center play I can think of was the fumble on the weird/quick handoff to BRob.
-The kickoff TD return. No one even sniffed the return man
-Not sure exactly how to word it - But just defensive schematics. There wasn't 1 blitz to dial up that really caught TAMU lacking. Damn


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Good- B Rob!

Bad- take your pick!!

Ugly- lack of intensity, lack of focus e we hitch resulted in dropped passes, blown coverages, missed lane assignments on kick coverages, etc!! CNS has been saying this shit all year and no one wanted to hear it!! Maybe this slap in the face will wake them up. Maybe a good ass chewing by Coach on players and several coaches will have the desired effect and everyone will pull their head out of their ass and get dialed in.
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