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Only the names have been changed
To protect the guilty


I'm reading through media reactions this morning and there's one thing I can't escape with LSU, now Florida, and Billy Napier. This story reads just like LSU, Texas, and Tom Herman.


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I would hire Aranda.
What if Aranda doesn't like you?

Seriously though. How often do we see "_____ coached there # years ago" and then, because of that, we see their name linked to a possible opening?

Think about a guy like Dan Enos. I'm pretty sure I know how fans would feel about him: waiters/waitresses would require pre-payment for meals in fear of him leaving before the course was finished.

I find it funny seeing several LSU fans cringing at the idea of O'Brien being a candidate but they were thrilled when Cam Cameron was coming on board as their offensive coordinator (following trying to point to the NFL as the definition of Saban's coaching ability.)


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Franklin signing a 10 year extension at Penn State. Note that Franklin's buyout starts at $12 million until 4/1/22, then drops to $8 million until the end of 2022. $6 million in 2023, then $2 million in 2024/2025 and $1 million after. Very heavily front loaded buyout. The school owes him his whole base ($7 million per remaining year) if not fired for cause.



If you look at Kiffin's previous positions outside of USC, he never stays at one place more than three years. With so many high profile jobs currently open i can see him leaving Ole Miss. I would actually be shocked if he didn't leave especially if that Miami job becomes available.


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Both Tucker and Franklin struck while emotions were high and in my view are way over paid now especially for what they have accomplished. I do not blame them this is the administrations at each institution making emotional decisions just like the Barn has done for years. Bet there will be buyers remorse over these two situations in a few years if not sooner.


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Watching what Penn State and Michigan State just did is like watching the first round of the NFL draft. Teams freak out and pick a 2nd round quarterback at 8 or 6. I sit back and say “don’t the decision makers watch football?”

Not the Franklin is a bad coach or Mel but they are not worth the money they just received. Then again, I suppose the AD and boosters think it’s better than letting them walk and starting over. It just goes to show how much money is in college football…..more than the GNP of many countries
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