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Tucker may be an excellent coach one day, but “What in the Hell has he proven to garner an $8million+ contract?” Seriously? I’d like to know.

I am in agreement with you. I bet the brass loved that Playoff appearance under Dantonio. and saw the money and attention it brought, so the fact they're sniffing it right now makes them wanna leap.

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It's that time of year when Jimmy Sexton does Jimmy Sexton things then relaxes in his vault...


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A lot of fans would not be disappointed if they stole him away. But I thought he was committed to 2 years at the Capstone.
Contracts are made to be broken. I think those who want him gone are uninformed and aren't fully considering the generational players we lost last year. Mac set records for accuracy, Najee's ability to run-catch-vault is legendary, Devonta's speed and hands won him/and us a trophy, and Waddle has that Palmer/Prothro/Javy combination of vision-quickness-acceleration. You just can't replace all of that.

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Nomad… I wonder what his end goal is.

If he's at Miami, he's back in south Florida where Joey Freshwater had a blast. He's also in a much better place (sooner than Ole $i$$) to win a conference championship.

That said, if Miami doesn't offer a hefty salary to Mario Cristobal to come back home, then it's even harder to take da u too seriously (at all).


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I hear you. But moving around so much, he must have some type of longer term goals, right? He’s had what, 5 head coaching jobs in the last 12-13 years? Plus an OC job. That’s a lot of fits and starts. UT, USC, Raiders, FAU, Ole Miss
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