NEWS The American Football Coaches Association is asking for the NCAA to end automatic ejections for targeting in some cases



AFCA executive director Todd Berry said Wednesday coaches want two degrees of targeting. Targeting 1 would carry a 15-yard penalty, meaning there was no malicious intent on the hit. Targeting 2 would be for hits with malicious intent and prompt an ejection of the offending player as well as the 15-yard penalty.

The AFCA plans to submit the proposal for consideration when the rules committee meets in February, spokesman Vince Thompson said.

Rogers Redding, the NCAA’s national coordinator of officials, said that because the AFCA proposal concerns player safety, it would go into effect in 2019 if approved. Most other types of rules changes go into effect in even-numbered years under the NCAA’s rules cycle.


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Yes, it really needs an overhaul! You guys watch some offense players lower their heads and it was the deference player that got the call! We have seen the face mask, and the punter rule both has a chance.

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