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University of Louisiana-Monroe

Nickname: Warhawks
2006 Record: 4-8 (3-4 in Sunbelt Conference)
Head Coach: Charlie Weatherbie (5th year, 15-31 overall)
Key Additions/Losses: (S) Kevin Payne DB, (S) Chaz Williams DB,


It was a strange season for the Warhawks in 2006 to be sure. How often does a young team lose 8 of their first 9 games (getting drilled for much of the time) not collapse and actually improve towards the end of the season? Not often. Heck, even BAMA fans can attest to the fact that it's hard enough for a veteran team to keep from stumbling and bumbling through a season, much less a team made up primarily of kids. Give Coach Charlie Weatherbie and his kids their due though; they experienced their fare share of growing pains and now that the team is a little older and a little more experienced, things should be taking a turn for the better in 2007.


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