| LIFE Surfin' around this morning and I'm amused at the different reactions to the fireworks last night.

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If you're in a neighborhood, I think it's pretty shitty to shoot them off past 11. Does it bother me personally? Not really, but I'd never do it. We have several different folks very close to our house that spend enough on fireworks to take a week long Disney or Yellowstone vacation. I can't do it. Not sure I could spend more than $30 on fireworks and look myself in the mirror the next day. I will say all the folks near us wrap it up pretty early. I don't think I heard any past 9:30 or so last night.


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We always have the obligatory "who heard all those gunshots?" on Facebook. Fireworks have been legal for a few years here now, and folks were shooting them even back when they weren't. This isn't new.

But the past midnight thing should only be for New Years.


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Around here some did it Saturday night, some did it last night, but some will also do it tonight. Because for the Government the 4th is today!

For me I haven't done any firework not for a very long time. All our grands were still in grade school.


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My dad used to say, your burning money. First time in my life we bought some and shot them last night. Shot before 10pm. Stuff is expensive. I worked for an importer in Florence growing up and would get pretty much anything I wanted free on the 4th. Brother and I shot huge volumes of stuff. Never paid for anything.
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