| FTBL Spring Practice- 2021


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In the spring, it has been my observation that the offense takes longer to gel that the defense. Give them (The offense) some time to gel and get it together, and they will be fine. We have the talent. Just need the coaching and experience.

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Keilan has been working at multiple spots. Really, really dynamic player and the type of athlete that "needs to be on the field". His route running at WR is extremely sharp sharp. Not at all a square peg in a round hole there.


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We have some COVID issues that will really mix things up. We were already going to be without Sanders, Mathis, Emil, Quick, Metchie, Moore and now we are going to be without several key defensive players and some offensive players.

Nothing is final until Saturday but, as Saban has said, safety will be top priority. Rosters can change since players out. Going to be fun to see some new players and new groups of players get some playing time together, but might see more mistakes than normal.

I expect first team offense to have starting 11 plus a few to rotate in every position: OL Neal, Brown, Owens, George, Randolph, Cohen; TE Billingsly and Latu; WR Bolden, Baker, Holden, Xavier; RB BRob and Williams; QB Young.

I expect second team offense to be OL Brockermeyer, McLaughlin, Dalcourt, Kight, Latham; TE Major Tennison; WR Jones-Bell, Agiye Hall, Joshua Lanier; RB Jase McClellan and Kyle Edwards; QB Tyson

Defense has a lot of moving parts. Starters have not changed but some will miss.

As Saban said, this is more about the experience and getting used to crowds again!! And getting the competition blood rising! I expect to see some great plays on both sides of the ball.

For fun, I predict that Williams and Latu have a big day on offense as well as Battle and Chris Allen on defense. With first team defense out some players, I expect to see a big day from first team offense. BUT, the story of spring is our first team defense is really good!!! Oh, I expect Will to make every FG!!!

Have fun and RTR!!!