| CURRENT EVENTS Sound byte from AOC on Jan. 6th. What do you think she's implying here?


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Anything government makes a big deal in the media these days I chalk it up to not being true. Either way the story leans, if the media is dragging it along, just like the government I consider it a waste of time and not true. I cannot simply believe we have allowed it to get to this point. Growing up, government was scared of it's citizens and wasn't going to push it very much. Nowadays they are more brazen than ever and hamstring us at every turn and aren't scared to intimidate and force us to do anything while flexing their power. I consider it being more handouts and people being sheep and falling in line.


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Side note… I thinks it’s funny that AOC went by Sandy Cortes all her life until she ran for office. We’ve got a local lady running for a city election that dreams of a much bigger political career in the future. She’s married, has been for about 8-9 years. Every photo of her on social media, every time you see her out, she’s wearing her wedding ring and engagement ring. But… for her huge campaign signs that are everywhere and some gigantic, she deliberately put her left hand in the photo, a little awkward of a pose, and her rings are missing.

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