| OT Snow is reeking havoc in the SE. How's things in your neck of the woods?


Ivory Club
Hit -18.9° Friday morning and -20° Saturday morning. This past weekend was a cold one here. Learned that treating diesel fuel is important, as the fuel will gel and prevent startup. Luckily there is a solution to ungel'ing fuel.

Have alot of friends in Texas. What a shit show it is. Rolling power outages for many. They're losing power for 30-45 mins every few hours to help the grid. Texas ironically is on its own electirg grid (ERCOT). Even if the heat is gas, you still need electricity to blow the hot air through the vents.

A buddy sent me a photo of his friend standing on the frozen apartment swimming pool. Speaking of pool, pumps have to run to keep from freezing up and busting.

And read this morning that some conservatives are blaming renewable energy as the reason for the grid issues. Lol, are you kidding?? Meanwhile more people are moving to Texas and adding stress to the grid.

And if it didn't get better...natural gas shortage is also impacting the area.

Meanwhile, I'm here in Montana with street power, solar power, backup generator, a heater, and wood stove. I got backup sources for everything and now know to treat my tractor diesel fuel during the winter 😭😭. Amazing what 5 mins outside without gloves at -20° feels like.


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Was around 15 overnight and is now around 20 in North Alabama. Sun shining. Cold but manageable. Not like it is the first time for us to be in the teens here. Probably get a little more frozen stuff tonight which we are not equipped to handle. Fortunately so far most of us have power.


el jefe
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It snowed a little bit yesterday. I still went to work. But there were a lot who called out. You know, because of the snow...
The snow that lasted only a couple hours
The snow that didn't cause any problems
The snow that did stick to anything
The snow that is now gone

Yep, I"m willing to bet that pretty much ALL of those people called out simply because they heard there was supposed to be a lot of ice. We were told Monday that a lot had already called out for Tuesday. Not, "Oh, let's wait and see how bad it really is on Tuesday before we do anything." But, "I heard it's supposed to be bad, so I'm going to go ahead and call out for tomorrow."


I drive a 2WD vehicle that is in desperate need of new tires. Yet I made it in, just fine. I saw NO ice on any road I was on; and that includes 2 interstates and quite a few bridges. I saw no snow accumulation accept in places where the shadows were still covering them. But none on any roadways. I guess people just love an excuse to call out simply because it's a little cold.


el jefe
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Wind mill thing?

Yeah. Sure thing, Dan. And who should we hold accountable for the cold weather? The meteorologists? How about Mother Nature? No? Well dammit! Somebody needs to pay for all this cold weather that caused people's pipes to freeze and then burst. Or, maybe people just need to learn to prepare for things that aren't normal. You know.....like a responsible adult.


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About 41/2” of ice here in the Mid central Sip. Most of it fell Sunday night and Monday. Temp as low as 6 and hast gotten to 30 yet

Closed Monday and Tuesday. Open today with limited crew but probably going to end up closing early as it is sleeting again and supposed to do so most of the day. Nasty mainly due to the fact this never happens in the Sip except when it does and A. There is no infrastructure to deal with icy roads and B. Folks have no idea how to drive on it and refuse to use common sense

Talking possible ice on power lines and trees with this current round but I really hope they are wrong. I went through’94 ice storm here and was without power for 37 days. Not fun