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Speak for yourself ..... things get better after 70...lol

I know there's a difference between Chesterfields and Little Debbie cakes, but on March 16th of this year, Coach Saban became older than Coach Bryant was when he passed away. Amazing difference in overall health and activity, still throwing passes and actively coaching at his age, compared to Coach Bryant. I'm hopeful for another five years that bring us two more NC, three more SECC, and five victories each over aubrun and Tennessee.



It Takes Eleven

Quoth the Raven...
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I would love to go back and visit many of those fans from opposing teams that “guaranteed Saban would be gone in 2-3 years and that we were stupid for paying that much!”
Good times people! Good times!!

It’s truly incredible that we’ve enjoyed extended runs by the two greatest college football coaches of all time. Every other discussion on other message boards is about third place.

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I am probably reading too much into it myself but I took it more like 2025 was his actual personal goal for retiring and 2028 is more his stretch.

Mentioned this a while back when this topic came up, but a couple of years ago Saban told people within the AD that 2025 was when he was going to "reevaluate" his situation... so there may well be something to that.


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Right about recruiting and having extention....
Negative recruiting will have an effect...as it did with the BEAR...

as it does with all HCs...but on the other hand...what HCcan tell a recruit...
"He wont be there in 4 years...but I-will ". Lol.... none!

about ageing.... its not so much the #...as it is the wear and tear...
70...70+ is a number... but its how you got there....
And things can accumulate and deteriorate fast as the numbers pileup...

so he's great shape at 69.... hopefully at 75....maybe even 80....
but that day comes......


Would love to see a compilation of of all the media naysayers during the search, “Alabama is not a good job“ no big name coach will go there” “Saban is a mercenary” “he’ll be gone in 2-3 years” etc. Screw them all and the horse they rode on on.


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If he stays on through 2028, I'll say he outlasts every SEC coach in their job except Kirby (and that's no gimmie). At least 1 of Fisher, Leach, and/or Stoops may be close.
I think Kirby gets two more seasons before they turn on him. He had the trophy ripped from him once and has the pieces this year while other contenders break in new quarterbacks. If not this year, they'll be asking when.
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