| PRO Rolando McClain Arrested


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The decisions Rolo has made since leaving BAMA has cost him millions. I grew up in Decatur and got away from that element that thrives in NW Decatur. It is unfortunate that he has not come to understand and learn from his mistakes.


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@TerryP we've got to do something when these old news stories keep resurfacing again and again...


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Growing up on Hwy 72, we knew all too well to drive 45 through Moulton, not a mile over it.
Ditto that about Rogersville too. To the point, Ro was one of my favorites on the defense in '09. Hope he gets straightened out, I don't wish to hear about his obit anytime but surely not at his age for something he can change with his life moving forward.


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Some guys just tend to stick with “old friends” and NEVER learn. Sadly, Verne’s favorite “wrong name” BAMA player, just doesn’t get it! At the direction he is headed, he is going to go 1 of 2 ways, either in prison or 6 feet under.
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