| MBB/WBB Robert Horry sums it up. (And did you see Aubie's rolled Toomer's for the loss?)


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Thats as funny a thin as they could have done
Like @rocknthefreeworld put it. Swept in football/softball/basketball

classless. Worthless pukes. Why the world should hate AU::::
....hired cheating ( caught multiple times)
....probated season
.....Saban has them on 4th HC in football
.....charles Barkley/cam Newton

they are Bama obsessed

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It's Rolling Baby
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That is so "little brother" that it is hilarious. Celebrating that big brother lost..lol

It's always funny that they hate being thought of as little brother and then act like this and prove it. Oh well, I was proud of the guys season. If you told me at the beginning of the season that we would lose and overtime game in the sweet 16 to end our season I would have called you crazy. Guys played hard and put in the work.

I am sure that the guys coming back are going to remember the hard work it took and that they lost because of missed free throws.

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