| FTBL Riddle me this. How are Monday and 5K related? If you get it, leave a hint for the next guy.


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Jan 29, 2017
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And shouldn't have lost in 06.
Shula blew that game
So its 13 in a row. 14 of last 15

So in 2014. Ur a football fan. And someone asked you who is team A and who is team B
Team A won 5 NCs. 2 Heisman trophy winners 6 sec championships
Team B has had 8 losing seasons.
One year failed to win an sec game and lost 3 years in a row to the worse team in the conference...vandy

Who is team A n B.. Tennessee A? Or Bama?

No person gcould have conceivable picked bama
99% would have said team A is Tennessee

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