| FOOD Rama Jama’s Championship BLT or Burger?

Brandon Van de Graaff

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Burger. Too much mayonnaise on that BLT for my liking.

Didn't notice until you mentioned it, but that is a LOT of mayo. I like mayo, but not gobs of it. I haven't eaten at a Burger King in almost 15 years, but they used to leave the burgers floating in mayo. Awful. I also have to tell the Publix sub makers to go easy on it, because some of them will put on enough to stop a bullet.

Anyway, as I get older, I find myself enjoying BLT's more and more... but never over a burger.


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Hands down, the best thing on their menu is their sausage gravy (over everything) for breakfast.

But geez, that BLT, NOW? That's 18 slices of bacon. 18. I don't know...I'm likely hitting the burger (which have always been good as well.) Gary was using a 90/10 ground beef mix years ago. In fact, long before you saw it labeled on beef.

Y'all remember where Gary got his money, right? Or at least the latest influx...
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