| HAVE YOU SEEN? Push Notifications: (Enable/Disable and controlling content.)


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You're about to see a pop-up which will allow you the choice of receiving push notifications through this site. It's an easy opt in or opt out process.

These notifications will consist of the same things you're "alerted" to already: when someone quotes your post, when another member "tags" you to get your attention, etc. These can be expanded, or narrowed down, in your member profile. (Additional options will become available in the future.)

To control your notification settings.

A) Go to your member profile
B) Click Preferences
C) Scroll to section two: "Receive a Notification when Someone..."

As you can see these are fully integrated where you'll also receive notifications from anything you happened to post in our media gallery, Sportsbook related content like your latest winnings, as well as the option to receive notifications on Watched new threads and new posts.


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