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Bush was a good man. No, he didn't run a good re-election campaign, but he was one behind whom we could easily rally. I cried a little when I saw him flip the coin in the Super Bowl last year because I thought that would be the last time we'd see him in public. Save for Mrs. Bush's funeral, I was sadly correct.

I was just telling my students today about campaigning for him back in '88. RIP, Mr. President.

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The guy who wrote Flags of Our Fathers, James Bradley, also wrote Flyboys. An outstanding book, it covers the air raids of a communications complex at Chichi Jima. It was heavily fortified and their artillery took out many of our planes as they tried to bomb. Of those shot down, all but one of the surviving pilots were captured and detained on the island. All were eventually killed. A U.S. submarine beat a Japanese destroyer to one surviving pilot, rescuing him just a few hundred yards ahead of the same fate. It was George H. W. Bush. The book covers the lives of the doomed pilots, and is definitely worth a read.

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