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saw this info on the Rant

The truth… team is ready!!! Coaches have them prepared and they have movie tonight. They will have walk through before lunch and leave 2.5 hours before game. Practice has gone great. This team is led by seniors and 4th year players that care!!! They came back for one reason, To win it all!!! We will miss Dickerson but he will be on sideline cheering!

I expect DeMarco Hellams and Brian Branch to start. They both played great last game and are ready! The key on defense is stopping their 2 backs and TE. Battle and DeMarco will have to play great. They are both great tacklers. Look for them to come up and put pressure.

We need pressure on their QB from Barmore, Anderson and Allen. Harris and Moses will need to be strong up middle and cover edges. Have to stop them on 3rd down!

Waddle… if he plays, it will be his call. If they had a 5th captain it would be him. For him to even try to come back shows what kind a player he is. He is respected by every coach and player!

Mac has been the best QB in country all year. We need one more game like previous 12!! Ohio State plays a ton of zone and you have to take what they give you. Look for a lot of underneath but take shots when blitz.

Bama thinks Tyreke Smith and Tommy Togiai are out with covid but no way to know. We have nobody out with covid!! I appreciate all the positive/funny posts all year! Let’s finish this tomorrow night!!!

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the last “argue about the score” of the season.
none of us will ever have to worry about quitting our day, or night jobs in order to be college football coaches.

that being said, I’ve seen it mentioned a timer to and we all know it to be true, our defense has always had trouble stopping a dual threat quarterback, I still have nightmares about what happened in 2015. That being the case, I don’t think Ohio State has enough dynamic play makers on our fence to hang with us and even though their defense is good, I just don’t see them stopping us, short of us turning the ball over 17 times, I say Bama 42, Ohio state 31 at Best


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"They have Alabama coming out on top of Ohio State by a score of 53.1 to 36.1. "
Only thing is. Computers dont play

been a long 10 days

thats the thing with playoffs.
To long a break

need that mid December game

we are gonna be spoiled by covid year. All sec. short breaks between sec ccgame and playoffs.
8 team playoffs fixes some of that


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Ohio state will score, their offense CAN BE really good. We can’t stop teams and shut them out anymore. DOESN'T MATTER.

Their defense isn’t that great. Our offense is one of the best of all times. It doesn’t matter how many times they score, we will score too, plus some.

We went conservative against Florida and ND because we could. We won’t do that with tOSU.

51-35 Bama wins

glad I was wrong LOL



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They conveniently forget Golding's defense cant stop good QBs(trask, Corral) so what do they think an elite QB is going to do?

Ohio State also scored more against a better defense. Bama barely eeked 30 on a grossly overrated notre dame defense.

Seeing flaws and pointing them out is something that doesnt fly well within the fanbase. Supposed to look at everything with crimson tinted glasses all the time.

Ohio State doesnt have lapses on offense for entire quarters or halves like Bama suddenly has now.

Nailed it dude.