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Bo is the perfect representative of the boogers fan base. Whiny, self absorbed, and a general lack of education when it comes to football. Did Bo take time to point out the obvious calls that didn’t go Bama’s way? Did he comment on the missed holding calls and the missed PI calls that could have been called on Arky? Let’s not forget that Bama had a national championship taken away by Clemson on a blatant pick play that was egregious offensive PI. But that’s just part of the game. Ignorant fan bases like Auburn and LSU only see what they want to see and only believe the things that fit their narrative. I have friends who are booger fans and it constantly amazes me how little they know about the actual game of football.


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What I want is went Will and fiends jackhammer the QB! I want them to hear him say "Please easy up on me!!" 10 or more QB sack wouldn't be enough for me to watch them to do!


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We’ve all seen instances of us looking past the Barn and them spoiling our season. And we’ve seen backup QBs play like 2019 Mahomes against us. Hopefully we don’t look past the Barn and we start the focus on UGA Sunday.
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