Anybody have any good ones they want to share?

Currently I am listening to Origins Season 3 by James Andrew Miller. It is on Coach Saban. Interviews with GMac, Barret Jones, Tom Rinaldi, Saban, Mrs. Terry, Scott Cochran, and a couple others. A lot of stuff, as someone who follows the team closely, you have heard; however a few other interviews and story's you haven't heard. I have always like Rinaldi, and after hearing some of this interview, I now know why.

This is well worth downloading and listening to, as a Bama Fan.

Couple of others I have enjoyed.

Serial did one a couple years ago that was all the rage, S-town is about a guy in Woodstock, Alabama (Bibb County) Very well done and intriguing to say the least.

If you like Mafia stuff, Crime Town did one about the mayor of Providence, RI and how he was helped to be put in office by the mob boss of the New England crime family. This is a long series (18 episodes), but really cool, especially if you love wise-guy kind of stuff.

Lastly, I just finished one called Dr Death. If you are in the medical field, this is a must listen to. How this guy was allowed to practice is beyond me, but well worth a listen.

Aight, What have you got? I need something to listen to while I'm out running.

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