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I had help today taking pictures





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Getting lost in a picture.

Looks a lot like a lot of small country towns, right? @It Takes Eleven has his own HVAC company conveniently located next to his barber shop. Up until last year the department store was just two doors down from the office. The Harrell's are doing okay; they still have the funeral home in town.

Two towns come to mind; Tuscaloosa and Athens ('70's.) In Tuscaloosa, it looks to me like a stretch on 8th, maybe 9th street; a few blocks down from the courthouse. When I was in school I remember going into a furniture store that had been in business for years. Like Harrell's to a degree, long standing locally owned business. I can't remember the name ...


If you want a closer look.


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@It Takes Eleven

I can only imagine.

I've been too lazy for the last hour or so to change the feed to the TV on the tablet. It's running a seven part Fox series, Welcome to Hatch.

I glanced at it for a minute and noted the background, wondered where it was being filmed, and found it's in Burgaw, NC.

One of the worst things created? Google Earth, Street View, Maps, etc.

Burgaw... Google Earth leads to "look at that garden! Who owns that..." which leads to:

(Note Harrell's chapel.)

Screenshot 2022-03-23 11.02.06 AM.png

Screenshot 2022-03-23 11.03.08 AM.png
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