FTBL Phoenix City beats Thompson for 7A Championship 52-7


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el jefe
CPC has scored an avg. of 43.2 points/game in the regular season this year
THS has scored an avg. of 36.7 points/game in the regular season this year

CPC is undefeated while THS has 1 loss (regular season, to Hoover)

they've each won the state title just 1 other time
CPC in 1993
THS in 1982

CPC has had 11 players go on to play in the NFL
THS has had none (as of yet)


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Central has been monstrous all year. They pulled the reigns back MULTIPLE times in the third quarter. They could have beat Enterprise 100-0 if they wanted to. They pulled both the starting and backup QB in the third quarter and had a 14-year old playing the rest of the way. DuBose has turned Central into a real powerhouse.
I went to smith station and the commitment to football at central is impressive. The company I work for had a hand in build ing central an indoor practice facility , it’s not huge but it’s there when they need to be inside . Smiths station don’t have one ... 719FED48-34A8-44C9-A234-01C2C54CA75A.png

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