| FOOD People are adding butter to their cups of coffee. Here's why.


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While I was just a very little boy!o_O My Mother would take a butter biscuit put it into a saucer bowl and then pour her coffee on top of it! At the time it wasn't bad. But it has to be a homemaker biscuit too.

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I read an article some years back that reviewed a pivotal study in the Fifties that animal fats contributed to heart disease. Two things stood out. First, their methodology was less than random and they didn't consider the prevalence of smoking rate on heart disease. Second, the fledgling American Heart Association study was funded by the makers of Crisco.

I found the article. It's an interesting read.




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I have never eaten anything but animal fats as all hillbillies on both sides of family did. My fathers side of the family has natural high cholesterol. My cardiologist insisted on getting mine down from the low 600s. No amount of dieting and statins managed to get to below 425. The upside, zero clogged arteries. I do use olive oil quite a bit now.
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