.NEWS Packing 'em in: SEC trying to get crowds back to stadiums

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Most of us have seen some of the data concerning college football wealth. The SEC is rolling in the dough and Texas A&M has been leading the parade. Talk about a culture shock. The Aggies have not only gotten out of the shadow of big brother but have totally changed the college football narrative in just a few years. I can't think of another university that has ever benefited so abundantly as this programs move to the SEC.

The sudden national legitimacy that the SEC and national TV exposure in prime time games have brought them, along with Johnny Football, has taken this football program to the penthouse. Following all this phenomenal windfall has been a boatload of new contributions, massive renovations, and fan excitement. Now, if they can only make it to Atlanta.



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I read that UTenn is giving out free tickets to anyone from North and South Carolina!

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Probably At A Ballgame
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Its very expensive for many families to attend college football games. I have not attended a game at BD since the 1989 season. The main reason that I do not go is because of the distance, not money, but many cannot afford to go. I really feel sorry for parents that want to take their family to a game.

Using just me as an example; if I wanted to go to a home game, it would cost me a minimum of 4 tanks of gas for the round trip at between $35-$40 per fill-up. Meals would also have to be calculated into the trip so I am only going to use $50 for a round number. I would have to have a place to stay at least one night so let's just say $100. If I stayed with my parents in Florence, I would save the money but still have to drive 2- 2 1/2 hours to get to the game and drive back there after the game. I have no idea what parking costs in Tuscaloosa now so I will just say $15 (could be more or less). That is $305 dollars so far and I still have not figured the cost of the ticket or anything from the concession. That's a pretty expensive Saturday for me if you add in the ticket and a water from the concession.

As a side note, I do go to Knoxville or Lexington when the Tide comes to town. I sure wish they played UK a little more often. I can be in Lexington in less than 2 hours.

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