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Drive up the Swan Valley this morning, NEVER disappoints. Heading up to Kalispell for the day.


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@planomateo have you ever read anything by Andy Russell? 1915-2005, was a guide to many outdoors magazine guys and started writing articles and graduated to books in the late 60's, I believe. This book is from '71, found it at my folks and thought it looked interesting. It's an outstanding book, he's a very good writer and passes along some great stories from his life in the Canadian and U.S. Rockies. I thought about your neck of the woods as I was reading it.



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@It Takes Eleven I've been itching to get up to Canada to see the area just north of me, but COVID-19 has blocked me.

I haven't read anything from him, but will be on the lookout.

The more I'm up here, the more I realize I should have moved up here years ago.

Seems every weekend were on a trip somewhere, getting to explore the state. I love taking different routes to the same place and getting to see new areas. Saturday we were driving on the freeway just west of Butte and spotted a moose less than 100' from the freeway.

I'm trying to get my mom up here full time, she's not a fan of the cold.


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Thought I'd share a photo of what the roads are like where I live. I drive about 5 miles of dirt road to each way. When the temperatures rise above freezing and melt the snow, then freeze at night, we get icy roads.

Last year I drove this with non winter tires. This year I got studded snow tires and it's a huge difference.

Haven't needed chains yet, but have some in the back just in case, along with a snow shovel, tracks, and a bucket of sand.

On the steep road near the house, I put down a single line of sand to give some traction on the way down the hill. It's a 7% grade and probably 100' in elevation. Makes the drive down more predictable.

If you look close enough, you'll see chain marks in the ice.



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I'm like your mom - not a fan of the cold. But it sure is beautiful country to look at. Living off the grid becomes more appealing the older I get. At the same time it becomes less likely logistically speaking. Kids, grandkids, comfort, access to healthcare (not that I need that...yet). It's a lot to coordinate. Kudos to you.


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Took off to eastern Montana after work yesterday.

Hit some snow just east of Bozeman in the pass. At one point could barely see the lanes.

This photo is about an hour east of Missoula. Plow trucks had a busy day yesterday.



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Ice fishing on Salmon Lake.

Went up the Swan Valley up to Kalispell today. It's on the western side of the Bob Marshall Wilderness, huge grizzly population and on the eastern side of the Mission Mountains. Flathead Lake is just over the western side of the Missions.

Gotta keep your eyes open for deer most of the way. Saw easily 30 deer this trip, many more f them were crossing the road. Luckily the roads are nice.

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