| MBB/WBB Not only did this old man identify as a woman, he also has identified as a teenager (50 year old playing women's college basketball.)

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I cant say anything nice so I will just not say anything.

Oh, come on! This is inspirational!



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I actually support this. Women (especially the younger ones) are typically over-empathetic towards various different groups in society they perceive as being "oppressed" and now they must live with the monster they've created. They will be outcompeted in their own sports by a bunch of she-males.

In a moral and just society I would obviously not support this, but considering those two notions are nowhere to be found in our socially liberal utopia, I find myself advocating for accelerationist policies as the system begins to devour itself internally. The United States is no longer a country. It is a giant degenerate bazaar. It is a giant economic trading zone that stands for absolutely nothing besides demonizing the founding stock of this nation.