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The news earlier today that he passed away from cancer was a kick to the gut. One of those comedians that took his own unique path. Also wasn’t afraid to say what he wanted, pretty much dared people to try and cancel him. Thankfully YouTube is filled with his content from over the years. I ran across this one just a couple months ago. Norm at his best.


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Not too many people are going to agree that...pretty much anything from Saturday Night Live, perhaps post-Billy Crystal, is too funny. I get that. Norm McDonald, however, had the perfect delivery when he gave his weekend updates. He was such a funny guy. One of his best career stories was about Don Rickles, the funniest person to ever walk this rock, gave him all kinds of grief during Dirty Work. Rickles let him have it, and all McDonald could do was laugh and enjoy it. What a funny guy!

Cancer, you suck!
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