FTBL NFL Draft Early Entrants -Six from Alabama join a lot of players leaving college early.


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This was just sent out:

MEDIA ADVISORY: Alabama Football Press Conference Set for 10 a.m. Friday

Alabama head coach Nick Saban will address the media on Friday, January 11, at 10 a.m. in the Naylor Stone Media Room at the Mal Moore Athletic Facility.
Those players going early to the NFL to show their hand. Happens every year.

Oh and Bama offered a 3* TE from Arizona today for the 2019 class SOOOOOOOO...Irv must be going early to the NFL.

Best of luck to all of them
JMO but I want any player that doesn't put team 1st to try their luck at the NFL. Hope #4 gives the NFL a chance if he can recover from the grass burn before the combine (doubt he would get an invite).


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I know both need the money for the family! But that don't mean I got to like it! I hope both go to someone that will use them!

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