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I eluded to this in another thread here.

Crazy journey, my life the last couple of years. But, I've got to get back to my roots- what I was put on this earth for.

This is about 20 years in the making. A lot of the delay in that time period was from some of my own boneheaded decisions, as highlighted in the vlog I posted in the linked thread above.

After many, many challenges, I was FINALLY able to release my first single yesterday. A minute few people that don't really understand worship music and how a song is captured have asked "Why an eight-minute-plus song?". You see, the moments in between verse and chorus and even the end of the song lend to the emotional dynamic of the song itself. So if you were to YouTube search any other top worship songs recorded live, they're anywhere from six to twelve minutes long, and even longer. And that's actually a great thing. Because when people in the audience are genuinely feeling the moment of worship, there shouldn't really be any time constraints.

Even though this is a studio cut, I wanted it to have as much of a live worship feel as possible. The flow between verse, chorus, and bridge, to the final chorus and the big ending were inspired in this effort. I didn't want to create just a "song" that would get play on the radio. I wanted to create an experience for the listener that would allow their faith to be strengthened by taking them on a journey through moments in time where God had proved Himself faithful so many times.

The content of the verses are inspired largely by Isaiah 58. The chorus has some Ezekiel sprinkled in, and the bridge heavily references 2 Chronicles 20.

On my home page (site linked below) there is an embedded audio file of the studio version of this song, and links to where you can download the audio files if you like.

I really appreciate you guys checking this out.

Roll Tide, and God Bless.

Love you guys!



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Thanks, Rick!

Great to see you pulling through, man! I had no clue. The news of your covid misfortune had already broken as I'd finally came back here after a couple of months.
I also had pneumonia along with covid. That what I'm dealing with right now. Trying to get these lungs going. Keeping my O2 stat in the 90. Right now when I get up to walk in fall into the 75-80.

@Sgt. Lincoln Osiris glad to back and that song was great!
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